London-based creative imprint Souvenir Works has reworked pieces from Carhartt and Champion on the CHAMPARTT jacket that has released alongside a SOUVENIR SOUNDS T-shirt. The two-piece drop is part of the SOUVENIR SOUNDS VOL. 1 project, which centers around a SOUVENIR-backed DJ Snips debut album The Barbershop, which was released on independent record label HOUSEOLOGY.

Snips’ debut album The Barbershop is a journey through the sounds and tempos that connect true school hip-hop with Classic House, presenting an audio aesthetic that rings true to SOUVENIR’s nostalgic yet contemporary sounds.

The CHAMPARTT jacket fuses a Champion reverse wear hoody in black with a classic Carhartt Chore jacket in signature duck brown canvas, referencing the project’s ties to Detroit Motown, House music and East Coast hip-hop. The limited edition SOUVENIR SOUNDS T-shirt features a mix of logo embroidery and graphic featuring motifs and text from classic record covers and center labels.

Head over to the Souvenir Works website for the SOUVENIR SOUNDS VOL.1 project T-shirt and CHAMPARTT. You can also pre-order DJ Snips’ The Barbershop LP on 12” vinyl at HOUSEOLOGY’s website.